In China, an old sugar mill is being renovated into a stunning hotel

Beijing-based Vector Architects has breathed new life into a disused sugar mill by repurposing it as a resort hotel complex.

Located in the mountainous region of Yangshuo County in South Central China, the hotel was formerly a sugar mill in the 1960s. Through the years, its structures slowly deteriorated, until the architecture firm stepped in and started their renovations.

Set against the breathtaking Karst mountain landscape, the Alila Yangshuo combines past and present, preserving the complex’s old buildings while putting up new ones.

The older structures, which are composed of several brick buildings, contain the common areas, like the reception, bar, café, multi-purpose hall, gallery, and library.

The newer areas, meanwhile, contain the resort’s accommodations. The buildings were built using the sugar mill’s original aesthetic and construction methods to complement the already-existing structures. Each edifice was also designed to be as low as possible, so as not to ruin the stunning mountain backdrop.

Connecting the entire resort is a series of open spaces and water features where guests can wander to take in the surrounding landscape. Some of these features include a giant reflecting pond, a pool built into the mill’s former loading dock with an overlooking view of the Li River, and cave-like “open-air lobbies.”

To know more about Vector Architects and their work, check out their website here.