The Archisutra: a book on architecture-inspired sex positions

London-based architect Miguel Bolivar has changed the game forever with The Archisutra, a manual which brings an architecture and design angle to the Kama Sutra.

The Archisutra features architecture-inspired sex positions with anotated diagrams and witty explanations for each and every humorously-named move. For instance, there’s the ‘Truss me’, the ‘Eames it in’, and the ‘Get an Eiffel’.

Each position in the book is also inspired by a famous building, while many utilise the use of designer furniture.

“The idea to produce the book came about after overhearing a colleague’s consultation with a client about the design of his house,” Miguel Bolivar told Dezeen.

“To my surprise, she blushed at the client’s request to fit a lock on the bedroom door and the thought of people having sex in a building which she had designed.

“Her awkwardness made me think about how often sex is considered when an architect designs a building and inspired me to write a tongue in cheek book highlighting this.”

He added: “The Archisutra follows on from the work of Vitruvius, da Vinci and Le Corbusier and pushes the idea that buildings should be designed around human life.”

Well, there you have it. Archi-sex-ture is the future of design!