This app lets you network while waiting for a flight, changing the airport experience forever

That guy at the water fountain could be your next big investor.

In what looks like a cross between business social network LinkedIn and dating app Happn, a German startup is seeking to capitalise on the hours passengers spend waiting for flights at the airport with their new app WaitList.

Borderline creepy? Not exactly. Instead of snarky pick-up lines and an array of unwanted risqué photos, users are encouraged to upload a virtual business card. Just let WaitList’s “pin wall” know what you’re looking for, and the app plays professional matchmaker with other travellers in the departure lounge.

What you get is a convenient way to pass the time, opening yourself up to infinite business possibilities.

“We want to be the world’s premier market platform for spontaneous information exchange and networking among strangers in the real world,” says their website. “The app reveals skills and current interests of fellow travellers so that users can easily identify valuable conversation partners.”

Sounds promising. Anyone who’s ever wasted hours at an airport knows that time could’ve been better spent doing literally anything else. Why not use that time to connect with like-minded professionals just metres away?

Try the Beta version of the app here.