These plus-sized models are turning heads with their anti-Photoshop campaign

Two plus-sized models are taking matters into their own hands and fighting back against body shaming and unrealistic beauty expectations in the media.

Diana Sirokai and Callie Thorpe took a photograph together and had it photoshopped in the same way it would be for publication, then released a before and after version of the image.

The result was ridiculous. The models were virtually unrecognisable.

The goal was to show us how heavily images of women in the media are photoshopped to manipulate us as consumers to viewing them, our role models, as perfect individuals.

The models have each shared the before and after shots with a “swipe for reality” message and their own, personal message of encouragement.

The photo has been shared and liked by many other Instagram users including the photographer herself, who adde her own emotional message while sharing the image.

“I always hated myself for few extra pounds and now it is time to protect girls from being unconfident, from anorexia, bulimia and many others psychological problems. I don’t say that we should gain weight because it is new fashion! My aim is to help girls find their inner beauty and prove them that we are all unique”

This is bound to make you think twice before trusting anything printed in the media!