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You can eat naked in this Parisian restaurant, and suddenly we aren’t hungry anymore

Have you ever wanted to dine in the nude in public? Really? Well, now you can!

Imagine this. You’ve swiped right on Tinder, it all seems to be going well, they invited you to dinner, you happily accept. You arrive at the restaurant, only to find you’re completely overdressed… In fact, a pair of undies would be overdressed.

That’s what you may be facing if you accept a dinner invitation in France’s 12th district. A new restaurant named O’Naturel has opened, which favours dining in our most natural state – naked.

The restaurant features a black-out curtain to ensure pedestrians aren’t shocked by the sight. There’s also a second curtain just inside the front door to prevent the average, modest person accidentally stumbling upon the restaurant.

The eatery is located near the Bois de Vincennes park which is also open to nudists as an “open-minded vision for the use of Parisian public spaces,” as reported by RT.

Apparently, the restaurant doesn’t bother local residents. “When we learned what was going to be here, obviously it made us laugh. Especially since there is a nursery next door…” said one neighbour.

Although O’Naturel is the first nudist restaurant in France, 2.6 million citizens make a regular habit of nudism. Diners in London, Tenerife and Tokyo have also been known to indulge in a little naked eating.

How would you feel about eating in a restaurant filled with random, naked bodies?

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