That’s official: we’ve found THE most organised pantry in the world

Get ready for an attack of pure organisational happiness with this gorgeous, pastel pantry. 

Adelaide blogger Iryna Federico, author of From Great Beginnings, has released photographs of her pantry and we are pretty sure it’s the most gorgeous, organised cupboard on Earth. We are not even joking.

The blogger has designed her space with pastel blue and millennial pink for a perfectly feminine and (according to Iryna’s blog) achievable look!

Iryna calculated the value of her stunning pantry, and we definitely are pleasantly surprised.


“In total, and at a very rough estimate, my pantry is worth $4372 however I only paid $2855 for it by utilising discounts, credit card points and gift cards which I received from doing surveys. Some of the contents are also gifts from my bridal shower and our wedding.”

The 26-year-old organisational queen is budget conscious and used only the greatest stores to stock her pantry: Target, K-mart, IKEA and Costco. All of those gorgeous, softly coloured jars are actually $4 from K-mart and have been spray-painted for the fairy-floss effect.

Looking at the photographs actually brings us pure joy.

If these photos bring you happiness, you should see the rest of her house…

Kourtney Kardashian, eat your heart out babe!