This personification of discarded furniture is giving us sad feels

Have you ever considered the feelings of your household furniture? Well, get ready to.

A street artist in Los Angeles is having a hard time dealing with discarded and unloved furniture in the streets of their town.

The artist, who goes by the name of Lonesometown9, has been sneakily personifying everyday furniture that has been dumped on the streets, giving the abandoned and unloved household items a way to express their sadness.

According to My Modern Met, the trend began when the artist saw a refrigerator that seemed sad to them. The artist thought about all the life that the fridge had encountered, and decided that the object was actually, probably very upset about being dumped. Lonesometown9 decided to make it known that the fridge was upset about its circumstances and painted a sad clown face and added a matching hat to the appliance.

Thus, art was made.

We kind of wish furniture would continue to have no feelings about being thrown away, so we didn’t have to feel guilty about getting rid of it. This is some Toy Story style psychological torture.

Even missing dogs are becoming victims of the sad-clown faces.

We feel sad now.