Featured Image for New York newspaper epically trolls Republican Roy Moore on front page

New York newspaper epically trolls Republican Roy Moore on front page

After Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s loss, The New York Daily News decided to give their front page a rather colourful headline.

Under a banner about the new Star Wars film, their Tuesday special edition featured a full-page photo of Moore riding his horse to the polls with the title, “Screw you & the horse you rode in on”.

Alabama went through a very controversial election to fill the Senate seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Moore has refused to concede the electoral result after the official numbers were out and many media outlets started to report a favourable outcome for his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones.

Bill Armistead, Moore’s campaign chairman, told supporters, “At this point, we do not have a final decision on the outcome tonight”.

“When the vote is this close, it is not over,” Moore said.

The electoral race was tainted by scandal. Multiple women accused Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, including one woman who said the Republican candidate initiated a sexual encounter with her when he was in his 30s and she was just 14 years old.

Moore denied the allegations but lost the endorsement of several sitting Republican senators and GOP figureheads.

Despite the accusations, President Trump controversially offered his full support for Moore during the campaign, even holding a rally near Alabama’s border to rile up supporters. He also attacked Moore’s Democratic opponent Doug Jones, tweeting that he was a “Schumer/Pelosi puppet”.

Curiously, Trump backpedalled on his support for Moore as soon as the vote was closed and the defeat was certain.

With crucial projects for the Trump Administration coming ahead like the health care reform and the new tax bill, Jones’s victory is a huge blow to Republicans who are seeing their Senate advantage shrink to a 51-49 margin.

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