Featured Image for Klingon! Do you speak it? Tarantino rumoured to be involved with new Star Trek project

Klingon! Do you speak it? Tarantino rumoured to be involved with new Star Trek project

Deadline has reported that Quentin Tarantino, a director known for his penchant for Motown music, raunchy dialogue and unabashed violence, could be at the helm of the next Star Trek film.

Tarantino allegedly pitched an idea for an upcoming Star Trek movie to JJ Abrams, who liked it so much he agreed to assemble a writers room to listen to the proposal and try to make it a reality. If everything works out, Tarantino will direct and Abrams will produce.

The idea seems a bit far fetched at first, but on closer inspection it actually makes a lot of sense. First off, Tarantino has already expressed in many interviews his love for both the franchise and Abrams’ work as a director.

He even went as far as naming the 2009 Star Trek reboot as his pick for the best film of that year. Now that is some serious apple polishing right there.

We loved that film too, but, come on, that year gave us Fantastic Mr Fox, 500 days Of Summer, Haneke’s The White Ribbon and Tarantino’s own Inglorious Basterds

The Pulp Fiction director is a highly referential author, frequently morphing and adapting various material from the ’60s and ’70s into his work. Surf rock, Kung Fu and the classic Spaghetti Westerns have all gone through the blender of his imagination to be regurgitated throughout his extensive filmography.

He has continuously shown respect and love for the pop culture of decades past, so the task of re-adapting Gene Roddenberry’s iconic series of the ’60s will be right in his wheelhouse.

With his episodes of CSI and ER, the American film director also proved he is capable of adapting stylistically to already established properties not written by him.

If anything, the prospect of a heavy-handed auteur like him tackling a well known franchise is incredibly interesting.

This is not the first time Quentin Tarantino has pitched ideas for a big franchise though. He was associated in the past with a Godzilla film, a James Bond entry and a Friday the 13th remake, so all of you Trekkies can lower your phasers for now, as it’s still only a rumour at this stage.

Tarantino is currently working on a project that revolves around the Charles Manson murders for Sony Pictures and JJ Abrams is doing prep for the last Star Wars film of the current trilogy, Episode IX.

So what do you guys think? Would you like to see Tarantino taking on Star Trek?

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