Featured Image for This viral hit about smoko-breaks is the most Aussie banger you’ve never heard

This viral hit about smoko-breaks is the most Aussie banger you’ve never heard

Look no further for your summer anthem.

Aussie music has delivered some absolute champions over the year, but none hold a candle to mullet-sporting Sunshine Coast band, The Chats.

Their single, ‘Smoko’, which, as the name suggests, pays homage to the quintessentially Aussie tradition of the smoke break, has gone super viral after being shared on Facebook page ‘Instant Regret’ with the tagline “the most Aussie song ever.”

Since being shared on December 6, it has been viewed over 1.1 million times, shared 9,500 times and garnered over 25,000 reacts from Facebook users.

The music video was released by The Chats on their official YouTube channel at the beginning of October and has been viewed an additional 291,000 times on the video platform.

The opening of the video is filmed on a construction site as the three young band members tell tales of a number of individuals who are asked to do their jobs before responding emphatically

“I’m on smoko, so leave me alone.”

There’s not much artistry to the lyrics, although the young band has certainly captured the famously lackadaisical Aussie attitude and even manage to drop a sneaky nod to Centrelink into their somewhat repetitive new banger.

It’s certainly a catchy riff for the rockers, who will be hoping to ride a wave of Aussie patriotism all the way to the top of the charts.

Someone get Triple J on the phone, we’ve got a late entry into the Hottest 100!

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