Harry Potter x Pokemon Go! Yes, that’s happening

Get ready Harry Potter fans, your life is about to change – augmented reality style.

In 2016 we saw the nation glued to their smartphones, running around catching virtual Pokemon.

“Losers,” we thought, before we promptly downloaded the app and begsn catching Battys and Magikarps. It was a game you just couldn’t help but get involved with. Hey, there’s nothing like a little ’90s nostalgia!

But what may be even more exciting than Pokemon Go! is Niantic’s recently confirmed production of a similar app based on Harry Potter called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

*heavy breathing*

TechCrunch has reported that the game is set to be up and running by 2018, but details are still pretty scarce.

Most people are pretty excited, although Niantic is still copping some flack for the gaming issues in Pokemon Go.

All we know at this point is that we are getting out our robes, heading to Olivander’s, and buying an owl or two. We can’t wait to see adults all over the world running around shouting spells at each other.

Here’s a link to the official announcement!