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This booze bus will get your drunk ass home when you pass out on a train

Plan to get blotto but haven’t considered your journey home? Don’t stress, Japan has you sorted.

If you’ve ever experienced the shameful jolt of awareness as you wake up at the end of the line after a hard night out celebrating, you know pain. As you’re kicked off the train in the early hours of the morning, you’re not sure whether to cry, call your mum or sleep at the train station.

Luckily for Japanese residents, they no longer have this problem.

Nishi Tokyo Bus Company may well be the world’s most thoughtful public transport operator, because throughout the month of December they are making your drunk journey home a whole lot safer. The company will operate the nesugoshi kyusai bus for over sleepers, which will transport you from the final stop back to your intended location.

The company have actually been running the sleepy service for four years, and catered to 75 people last year. This year once again it is being utilised for the month of December – predominantly Friday 15 and 22 – prime nights for company Christmas drinking parties which are known for getting out of control.

There’s a timetable for the bus on the company’s website, and at 800 yen ($10 AUD) it’s a damn sight cheaper than an Uber to get your drunk ass home from the end of the line. Well done, Japan.

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