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Starbucks has FINALLY opened a cafe you want to sit in

Starbucks has opened a new-age coffee shop which boasts some pretty gorgeous seating space and some high-tech additions. It’s a futuristic world.

If you are planning on meeting up with a friend for an orange mocha frappuccino, you’re going to want to chose somewhere a little less chaotic than your local Starbucks, unless you live in Shanghai.

Starbucks is calling their latest store in the Chinese megacity, “the largest, most beautiful Starbucks location in the world.” With photographs to back up their claim, we’ve decided that we wholeheartedly agree.

The store is the second Reserve Roastery to be opened globally, following the first about three years ago in Seattle, Starbucks’s hometown. The store combines coffee production, tasting, and a creative architectural flair.

The store, which spans 30,000 square feet of space, even comes with an augmented reality app to spice up the experience. The app (supported by Alibaba, the Chinese ecommerce giant) enables customers to learn about how their coffee is sourced and made, and offers with a rewards program.

Basically the Roastery is a coffee lover’s absolute dream. Get your laptop charged, jump on a plane to Shanghai and enjoy the experience right away! Even if you don’t like coffee (gasp!), the architecture and decor are a must-see.


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