This journalist endured the most abusive rant

A Nine News reporter has copped some serious abuse whilst reporting outside a Ballarat courtroom.

Maggie Raworth was simply doing her job when a man pulled up in his car and began yelling offensive insults at her.

The man approached Ms Raworth, showing off a pinkie ring and boasting about how much money he makes. What a tosser.

Apparently unimpressed with her chosen profession, the man aggressively gave career advice. He repeatedly swore at and even body shamed her.

The young Journalist kept her cool in spite of the abuse, asking what she had done to warrant the abuse, and calmly reaching for her phone to film the aggressive man.

She posted a video of the encounter to her Facebook profile along with the caption “When fans pull their car over to talk to you.” The video has amassed over 20 000 views at the time of writing.

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