Banksy has unveiled his latest work in Bethlehem, and it’s seriously turning heads

In celebration of Christmas, elusive street artist Banksy has returned to Bethlehem in Palestine to unveil a new politically-charged work called The Alternativity.

The new artwork is located around The Walled Off Hotel, a previous piece he did which offers the “worst view in the world” with windows overlooking the 400-mile wall that cuts through the West Bank. It features two parts:

The first being Peace on Earth, a message that brings good tidings to all, unless of course, you read the fine print which says, ‘Terms and conditions apply’.

The second mural depicts two stenciled angels trying to pry open the wall with a crowbar and their bare hands. Interestingly, the image was already painted there a few weeks prior, and was hidden in plain sight with a simple banner.

Banksy has been active in the Palestinian Territories for quite a while now, unveiling new pieces and creating controversy.

Just last month, also at the infamous hotel, the Bristol-based creative held a satirical street party to mark the 100th anniversary of the Balfour declaration.