Featured Image for Anti-holiday militant terrorising a New Jersey town in the lead up to Christmas (pssst, it’s a squirrel)

Anti-holiday militant terrorising a New Jersey town in the lead up to Christmas (pssst, it’s a squirrel)

A small borough in New Jersey is the victim of a sinister individual with a deep dislike of Christmas who has been haunting the town with vicious acts for weeks. Authorities are on maximum alert but haven’t been able to capture the mischievous perpetrator yet.

Sea Girt is a peaceful town in Monmouth County, New Jersey with a population of around 2,000 people. According to the US census of 2000, the median age is 50, and almost three out of every 10 locals are 65 or older. You get the picture.

In a town that hasn’t seen a vandalism case in a decade, locals have recently began to find disquieting signs of a malevolent presence disturbing their tranquility. It began a couple of weeks ago, when some pumpkins were smashed outside Fratello’s Italian Restaurant.

At the time, owner Chris DeCresce spoke to NBC 4 about the ignominious incident attributing it to youth delinquency.

“It sounds like a young act to me,” he said.

Things began to escalate dangerously in the days before one of the town’s most important holiday celebrations: the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Residents found the lighting wires of the town Christmas tree viciously severed, as well as horrific damage to a Santa, and a reindeer display at the public library. The horror.

Sea Girt Police Captain Justin Macko talked with NBC 4 New York about the brutal attack.

“There’s several cuts throughout everything if we lay them all out,” said Captain Macko. “It tells me they definitely wanted to do it and they want to accomplish their goal of making sure the lights don’t work,”

The crew bravely raced against time to replace the damaged wires so the tree lighting event could be held on schedule, in defiance of the criminal’s desire to stop the holiday tradition.

Authorities closely followed the reconstruction efforts, with all of their resources dedicated to protecting the Christmas tree whatever the cost.

The ceremony was finally held last Friday in a highly tense environment, with the town police diligently surveilling every single move. No incidents were reported that night, although there are rumours that slices of stale turkey were offered during the gathering.

The keen police force didn’t drop their guard though, and after a whole night of intense vigilance, they managed the following morning to snap some photographs of the terrorist.

The highly skilled malefactor avoided capture and is still being hunted at the time of writing. Sea Girt will not be able to sleep peacefully until this acorn-eating vandal is behind bars at last.

Any information you can provide to the police will be greatly appreciated.


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