Featured Image for In their unstoppable fight for justice, the Indian government has imprisoned a gang of criminal donkeys

In their unstoppable fight for justice, the Indian government has imprisoned a gang of criminal donkeys

In India, nobody escapes the law, not even donkeys. This week, eight animals in the town of Orai in Uttar Pradesh state where released from jail after being held for four days for eating expensive saplings authorities say were worth at least Rs 60,000, some $1000 US.

The gang of rebellious donkeys were often caught wandering on private property without human supervision and had a previous history of chaos and mayhem in the area. Their owner, a man identified by the Indian Times as Kamlesh, continued to let the animals lose despite repeated warnings.

On the 24th of November, the gang of mules ate some pretty expensive plants, which prompted senior jail authorities to round up the animals and send them to jail.

One of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies is to tidy up the country. He has vowed to build tens of millions of toilets and clean up garbage from the streets. Of course, the mess this gang of Donkeys was making was just too much for the government.

Police-constable R.K. Mishra said to a local TV station, “We had warned the donkey owners a couple of times, but they didn’t pay heed,”

Kamlesh of course never imagined the day would come when he would find his disaffected animals in jail. He met with officials and tried to talk them out of this legal mess but authorities were having none of it.

So Kamlesh did what many people do in India when they get into the bad side of the law. He found a politician to help him out.

He persuaded a local BJP leader – the same party as the president – to intervene and after a swift meeting, officials agreed to release the donkeys.

Sita Ram Sharma, the Orai jail superintendent said: “There is no such law wherein we can arrest donkeys. They were confined for four days to teach a lesson to their owner who did not pay attention to our warnings. We let go of the animals on Monday only after Kamlesh gave us a written affidavit that from now on he will not allow his animals to roam in residential areas or places of public importance.”

Footage from local station NDTV shows the exact moment when the gang of troublemakers is released and it’s hysterical.

The eight animals are seen walking out of their scruffy confinement, some with their head down, others kicking the air in defiance, the whole scene playing out like a scene for that “The Usual Suspects” sequel nobody asked for but you just know you’re dying to see.

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