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Redheads have genetic superpowers, and they also smell different, study says

Forget teasing your neighbourhood redhead. Apparently, they may have genetic superpowers… and you don’t want to mess with superpowers.

According to science, redheads literally have a different scent to us ordinary brunettes and blondes. Dr Augustin Galopin first recorded this phenomenon in 1886 in his book Le Parfum de la Femme.

Galopin reported that red-haired women emit an aroma similar to that of ambergris, which has a distinct earthy scent. After this claim, science found that skin mantle (an acidic layer on our skin) proves to be more acidic in redheads. This acidic layer mixed with perfumes creates its own individual smell.

With this in mind, Erin La Rosa has released a book of her own on the subject. The Big Redhead Book digs into some of the weird and wonderful facts.

It’s officially fall, and as a #redhead we are actually a fall color. Get yourself #thebigredheadbook my fellow #ginger babes. (? @wildlinggirl )

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For instance, the MC1R gene mutation, which is responsible for such brightly-coloured hair, also brings with it a higher pain threshold and a lower vitamin D need. Being able to create their own vitamin D due to evolutionary advances that the rest of us missed out on, redheads are able to ward off diabetes and arthritis a hell of a lot better than us normies.

Also, thanks to that MC1R gene, redheads are more in touch with temperature. Although, we’re thinking that this could be a problem in the middle of winter. BUT, they pick up some slack in the fact that no one can pull off red hair like a natural red. Bottle red is so passe.

La Rosa refers to the red gems as “unicorns of the human world.” After those insights, we’re inclined to agree with that statement.

To be completely honest, I have literally been saying that redheads smell different since I can remember. So this news is seriously freaking me out.

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