Paris Hilton claimed she invented the selfie and the internet has gone into roast mode

Paris Hilton, the world’s most narcissistic princess, is back at it. 

On November 20 Paris Hilton admitted that she believes that she and Britney Spears invented the selfie… in 2006. Well, when the world revolves around you, why would you believe anything else?

In Paris World, she is the master inventor of self-love and annoying duck faces. In the real world, people are wondering whether she was living under a rock prior to 2006.

She even captioned her throwback selfie with a blatant statement about her invention. “11 years ago today, Me & Britney invented the selfie!”

Does she actually believe it? The internet doesn’t, that’s for sure. Trusty Twitter trolls fired back at Paris with an abundance of selfies that were taken waaay before 2006 to shove it in her face that she is not an inventor on par with Einstein.

For starters, Paul McCartney was in on the selfie trend in 1959!

Even this random kid from 2002 was before you, Paris.

Frank Sinatra? Oh, yeah! He beat you too!

The selfies were followed by lots of crying faces… We feel you guys, we do. We kinda wish she’d just go away too.