Featured Image for Does the new promo for The Last Jedi contain spoilers? We say nay!

Does the new promo for The Last Jedi contain spoilers? We say nay!

As we’re rapidly approaching the highly anticipated release of the latest Star Wars film, Disney is pumping out new promotional material that is pushing fans on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Conspiracy theorists all over the net are having a field day with a brand new clip that was just released on Twitter.

Disney seems to be playing their advertising nicely along this “post-truth” era we’re going through right now.

Red herrings, contradictory statements, smokescreens and lies everywhere, they’re doing it so well their chief of marketing would fit right into the White House.

Back in August, director Rian Johnson cautioned fans to keep away from all promotional material to avoid spoilers. His message was clear at the time, wait until December!

Even Actor Mark Hamill aided to the cause, endorsing Johnson’s warning and sending a similar message to his two million followers,

Of course Johnson took a U-turn moments before the official release,

The contradictory signals both in the marketing campaign and in the content itself of the trailer turned out to be highly successful, as fans on social media got highly engaged, eager to concoct and discuss the wildest of fan theories.

Even media outlets picked up on the hype and went on to criticize the clip for being excessively “spoilerish”.

And today Disney keeps playing us like a fine-tuned piano as they’ve revealed a brand new clip on Twitter, this one with another massive red herring, something with which they’ve teased fans for months; that Rey might turn over to the dark side.

And, I mean… come on. We all know that’s not going to happen. Then who’s going to lead the mystic side of the resistance in the third movie? The little Porg?

Although it’s something really unlikely, the sole notion of watching the Mary Sue heroine of the first film slicing away through the rebels is proving to be just too much for fans.

“NO NOT WATCH” cautions have been popping all over the social media, with the one posted on Reddit reaching hundreds of comments and upvotes in just a few hours.

What do we have to say about this? Just go watch the friggin’ film mates.

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