A phone case that opens to reveal an engagement ring is oddly brilliant

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve reached peak millennial.

Product designers James Ambler and Keith Glickman have come up with a phone case that lets you propose to your beloved, all the while capturing the moment on camera.

The item, called RokShok, is simple to use. Just open your smartphone’s camera, get down on one knee, and the case will unfold to reveal the engagement ring. Even better, while it’s unfolding, it document’s your girl’s shocked expression.

The concept sounds ridiculous, but oddly, it’s also a unique way of looking back at one of the best days of your life – through the POV of a ring box.

According to HuffPost Australia, “The idea came about after research by Rokshok found 41% of males who proposed in 2015 had a photographer or videographer on hand to capture the proposal and 62% of couples posted a picture after they got engaged.”

The RokShok is priced at US$39.95 (AUS$51), and is available here.