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This is why you should NEVER do a yoga pose on a log over a river

There are plenty of places you could safely do yoga, including in the studio, in a grassy meadow, or at the beach. But probably not on top of a log precariously hanging over a river.

A few months ago, Twitter user Chisameriee chose such a dumbfounding location. In a clip she posted, which has only recently gone viral on Reddit, she’s seen trying to put on a complex pose while on top of a fallen tree.

Unfortunately, she loses her balance and falls into the fast-moving river. Only her leg can be seen as she’s submerged and taken downstream.

Redditors chimed in on the accident. Some expressed concern, but most criticised the girl for such a stunt.

“They say yoga can wash your stress away,” joked one commenter, while another added, “Modified boat pose.”

The woman eventually made it out of the water. Her ego might have been badly bruised, but the rest of her was miraculously left unscathed. She later replied to some worried tweets and also posted another photo, this time at a safer location.

Millennials, go figure. If they’re not killing different industries, they’re killing themselves.

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