What on Earth? NFL player appears to levitate back to his feet

In any sports game, there will always be incredible moments that deserve a replay or two. However, in a recent NFL game, one moment deserved countless replays.

The unbelievable play happened on Sunday during the Buffalo Bills’ 16-10 win over the Kansas City Chiefs. A clip of it shows wide receiver Zay Jones diving to the ground on a deep pass that fell incomplete. As he gets up, he seemingly levitates to his feet!

Here’s a slowed down version of the footage – and it still looks like a glitch or even a scene from The Matrix.

Everyone is understandably freaked out.

“Bills’ Zay Jones pressed the rewind button on himself,” said one Twitter user, while another added: “Some receivers metaphorically defy gravity. Zay Jones is just a warlock or something.”

Obviously, Jones really wasn’t levitating, but rather, using his athletic abilities to gracefully push off the ground and get back on his feet. Or you know… he really could be a cyborg from the future. What do you think?