The cheerleader has just taken the Invisible Box to a whole new insane level

A video has gone viral of a cheerleader stepping over an imaginary box and we are freaking out.

HOW!? Apparently cheerleaders are no longer doing star jumps and hand-stands… they’re now possessing gravity-defying super powers and spooking all of us uncoordinated internet dwellers.

A video was released earlier in 2017 of teedoe‏ or @thecvmevp stepping onto an invisible box then landing on the other side.

Now, there seems to be more wizardry happening with the release of @ariel1220 performing the exact same trickery.

Teedoe told Men’s Health, “It is really nothing special…I just imagined that there was a box and stepped on it.”

Yeah, look… that’s not going to work for us who struggle with the most basic physical activity such as walking.

Arielo has also just released a second video of her being tripped up, once again by that pesky invisible box. In the clip, we see her friend sneakily kicking the box out from under her as she attempts to step up onto it.

I’m tripping over enough stuff as it is, I don’t need invisible objects getting in the way too!

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