This rescue bus in Japan picks up drunk train passengers who miss their stop

Not all heroes wear capes. But some might wear bus driver uniforms in Japan.

For the past four years, the Nishi Tokyo Bus Company has been operating the nesugoshi kyusai bus, which rescues drunk commuters who oversleep on the train and get stranded at the locomotive’s final stop.

The idea for the service came from the company’s drivers themselves. The bus waits for drunk passengers at the end of the city’s Chuo-line just past midnight, and for a fee of 880 yen (about US$8 or AUS$11), they’ll transport them back to Hachioji Station, making a few stops along the way.

Last year, 75 people used the service. This year, the bus will run for three Friday evenings in December (the 8th, 15th, and 22nd) to help out more tipsy commuters coming home from holiday parties.

This isn’t the only feel-good transportations story to come out of Japan recently. Last month, the Tsukuba Express profusely apologised after one of their trains left ahead of schedule… some 20 seconds too early.