Featured Image for Interview with Sid Tapia, an Aussie artist who is taking skate art and culture to the next level

Interview with Sid Tapia, an Aussie artist who is taking skate art and culture to the next level

Sydney-based artist Sid Tapia will be in Miami this week as part of a growing global initiative to elevate skateboarding art and the creatives behind it.

The group exhibition, called The Showcase, is organised by Adidas and Juxtapoz Magazine. It will feature hand-drawn works and large-scale graffiti murals that show the talents of skateboarding communities worldwide.

Tapia, for his exhibition, will illustrate several of his hyper-realistic Adidas skate silhouettes. Here’s a teaser of what’s to come:

Last nights exhibit at the #10yrsofBusenitz was a hit. Just needed to say a big ol thanks & love to all who came along & supported my contribution to Dennis' celebration. Over the next few days I'll be posting full pics of all the illustrations…. Hope you like Adidas kix ?… Here's the BUSENITZ BOOST INTRO, originally released Dec 2015. *Approx 19.5 hrs of drawing time went into creating each one. . . #DennisBusenitz #SidTapia #AdidasSkateboarding #Copic #CopicMarkers

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Also participating in the event are other international artists, like Ivonne Alcatara Sanchez from Mexico, Julio Ignacio Pizarro Freire from Chile, Jason Keam from LA, Fabian Fredrick Fuchs from Germany, Lukas Goller from Italy, and Hugo Fernandes from France, among many others.

We recently had a quick chat with Tapia to know more about his work and the upcoming event.

Miami??? Suuuuper stoked to be heading to the #AdidasShowcase / #JuxtapozClubhouse to exhibit some of my works during one of the largest art festivals in the world. Hit up the link in my bio to know more about the Showcase?? @adidasskateboarding x @juxtapozmag . . S/O ✌?@andpeople_au . Some of the talent from around the world… @trihumph @muellerstudios @spacegoth @jason_keam @homelesscop @jacobmessex @youdonthavetobeanasshole @marianogonzalez_alm @ros.ny @ericamaradona @thefandfandf @sakulrellog @hugo.fds & more. See u there ????

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Tell us about a couple of the other artists that you’ll be exhibiting with as part of the Adidas skateboarding x Juxtapoz Magazine showcase?

“All the artists involved in the global Adidas showcase are emerging and established artists from around the world that not only have strong ties and hi-fives in the art world but likewise within the skateboarding community.

“That being the case, it’s going to be epic to see how the artists express and relate between both their cultures through their works.”

After a year & a half I finally added the bottom drop shadow to my favourite /// stripe kick?… Happy Saturday? . . #AdidasSuperstar @adidasoriginals @copic_official #Copic #SidTapia

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There seems to be a strong correlation between skating and mural/street art. Do you consider skating an artform and who do you consider to be the best skater around at the moment?

“To me, art is creativity and pretty much everything has a creative process, so yep skateboarding is an art form too.

“As for who I consider ‘the best’… well, there’s a small handful and I like to look at that question of ‘the best’ as a great ‘all-rounder’ in any terrain of skateboarding. People that come to mind as the great all-rounders are Mark Gonzales, Steve Caballero, and Danny Way.”

Here's a large portion of my homage to the Brazilian chefe @rodrigotx ✨… When in Japan with the #AwayDaysTeamTour I snapped a pic of Rodrigo's footwear and board in the midst of a sesh. From there I was able to come up with this ☝?. Next one in line is @nestorjudkins ??. . . #RodrigoTX #SidTapia #Copic #CopicMarkers #AdidasSkateboarding

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What else are you keen to see/experience in Miami?

“Most definitely the people and all the amazing works that will be on display during this massive event.

“I’ve only just started my research on things to do but one thing’s definite, I have to suss out a good Cuban sandwich and I need to stock up on my ‘Goya’ products.

“Oh, and I’m really psyched to get a few days extra to hit the streets and paint a wall.”

Still getting through these ||| babies. ?Rendition of the 'Busenitz 10 yr Boost' for the #10yrsofBusenitz celebration. . . #DennisBusenitz #SidTapia #AdidasSkateboarding #Copic #CopicMarkers

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The Showcase will be held at The Juxtapoz Clubhouse in Miami Beach, Florida, from 6-10 December 2017.

You can find out more about Sid Tapia and his work here.

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