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Sia was late for her Sydney concert…but she had the best (and grossest) reason

Australian singer and producer Sia is known for being honest and down-to-Earth.

She once again showed this on Saturday night after going above and beyond to make her show in Sydney.

Sia was in Melbourne on Saturday when torrential rain caused her flight to be cancelled.

So did she throw a tantrum and leave her fans hanging in Sydney?

Nah, she did what any true blue Aussie would do and booked a car and drove 13 hours to make the gig.

Sia kept her fans updated on her progress via Twitter, including the rather graphic detail that she had got a bad case of the runs during her journey.

We’re still not sure how a blown tire = diarrhea but her fans were thrilled nonetheless. Although some gave her a gentle roasting for her comment it’s pretty clear that deep down they all love her.

After the long drive and the unfortunate discomfort cause by her condition Sia did make it to the venue and was met with a hearty roar from fans.

But others bemoaned her lack of movement or interaction.

“Exactly as she had in Melbourne on Thursday, and at 23 North American dates beforehand on her first arena concert tour, Sia stood still in the background and sang over a tape of her greatest hits for 90 minutes, while her dancers put on a tightly choreographed contemporary ballet,” wrote The Sydney Morning Herald in its two star review of the event.

This sentiment was echoed on Twitter:

Oh, well, at least she got a new title out of it:

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