Featured Image for Dad spots a ridiculously saucy scene in Fireman Sam and we can’t unsee it

Dad spots a ridiculously saucy scene in Fireman Sam and we can’t unsee it

Ah, Fireman Sam. Such a wholesome show filled with friendship, comradery, flagrant lovemaking and life lessons. Hang on a minute…

You know when you’re watching a movie at the awkward, hormonal height of puberty and your parents walk in right in the middle of the sex scene?

Imagine how this dad felt when he walked in on his young twin boys watching Fireman Sam, only to see Station Officer Steele doing the, ah, horizontal hustle with Elvis Cridlington.

Refuse to believe it? The dad in question shared the clip on Twitter, so take a look for yourself. It’s straight-up NSFW, so consider yourself warned:

Seriously, watch it again. Aaaaaand once more.

You can almost pinpoint the exact moment countless adults had the innocence of their favourite childhood TV show completely obliterated.

Look, we’re the first to admit that humans have pretty disturbing minds and tend to turn even the most innocent scenarios into something dirty, but we’re yet to be convinced the team behind the show failed to notice anything suggestive about this scene.

I mean, it’s not just the compromising position of the two officers. Just look at Cridlington’s facial expression, and Steele? The bloke is clearly on cloud nine as he grips his colleague’s shoulders, let’s out a heavy groan and quivers like a tuning fork.

The only possible scenarios are that the animators:

a) Naively believed no one would ever see anything dirty in the scene
b) Intentionally included it as a cheeky joke for all the horny parents
c) Never saw the raunchy side of it in the first place (safe to say we can rule this one out – I mean seriously)

Of course, context is everything: it turns out Steele is actually just helping his mate remove the partially obscured chair that’s stuck to his very clothed backside.

Thankfully, kids remain blissfully unaware of the suggestive connotation and will continue to enjoy the show.

Indeed, it’s only incredibly obvious to adults whose minds are already soiled by the dark and sordid underbelly of society.

The scene is a great reminder of other infamous moments from past kids’ movies and TV shoes. The highly contentious ‘sex clouds’ of the Lion King spring to mind:

As does the naked woman who appears in a window during The Rescuers (we’ll let you find it):

To continue the theme, here are some picture book illustrations shared on Twitter that need to be seen to be believed:

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