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Trump’s absurd diet and crazy demands revealed by Lewandowski

Two former aides are releasing a book retelling their hellish experiences inside Trump’s chaotic 2016 presidential campaign.

Among the new revelations are the president’s unhealthy diet and a very toxic working environment among his inner circle… well, by now I think we could all guess both those things though.

The Washington Post got hold of an advanced copy of “Let Trump be Trump” in which former Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski and top aide David Bossie reveal an inside view on Trump’s work ethos.

“Let Trump be Trump”, already tagged as a bestseller on Amazon, retells how the then-presidential candidate prefered to have copious amounts of good ol’ nutritious fast-food.

“On Trump Force One there were four major food groups: McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, pizza and Diet Coke,” the authors write.

According to the book, the cupboards of Trump’s plane during the campaign were stacked with Vienna Fingers, potato chips, pretzels and many packages of Oreos. In the same dietary vein, a typical Trump dinner order included “two Big Macs, two Fillet-O-Fish, and a chocolate malted.”

Although the authors denote praise and admiration for the president, they do not shy away from pointing out the reality star’s propensity to trash mouth and offend his employees.

For example, they reminisce about the episode when staffer Sam Nunberg was purposely left behind at a Maccas because his special-order burger was taking too long.

“Leave him,” ordered Trump. And of course, they did.

They also recall the time when Lewandowski was so ill he couldn’t help falling asleep on the plane.

He was awakened by Trump, who, we imagine in a very understanding and compassionate tone, told him, “Corey, if you can’t take it, we’ll get somebody else.”

The former campaign manager also describes in the book a meeting in which Trump told another campaign official that “You don’t have to listen to Corey anymore. He’s no longer your boss.”

The authors also write about Trump’s treatment of Hope Hicks, now White House communications director and back then campaign spokesperson.

Hicks, once a competitive athlete and former model, which the authors describe as “smart and private, with a nearly photographic memory.” was also entrusted to make sure Trump’s pants were neatly pressed.

According to the book, Trump would yell “ ‘Get the machine!’ ” and campaign spokesperson Hicks would have to take out the steamer and start steaming his suit… while he was wearing it.

“Sooner or later, everybody who works for Donald Trump will see a side of him that makes you wonder why you took a job with him in the first place,” the book states.

“His wrath is never intended as any personal offence, but sometimes it can be hard not to take it that way. The mode that he switches into when things aren’t going his way can feel like an all-out assault; it’d break most hardened men and women into little pieces.”

According to the authors, the job was so fun, “both had moments where they wanted to parachute off Trump Force One,”

God bless America. For real.

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