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Kiwi journalist is taking a stand and calling out #everydaysexism

One journo has taken a massive risk and used her media power for the greater good! A round of applause, please!

Angela Cuming, a renowned New Zealand journalist, has just braved Twitter to highlight her disgust at the sexist ‘jokes’ that are made at the expense of women in the workplace.

She was sent a video by Hamilton City councillor Mark Bunting of a digital traffic control sign flashing a crude message, that included the use of her last name in a sexual context.

Other news that day consisted of the council cutting any development of playgrounds for the next decade, so Cuming was disappointed that the councillor had found time to send her an offensive and inappropriate joke, rather than fight for local issues.

Ms Cuming is continuing the debate across Twitter, and snapped back hard at Mr Bunting’s half-assed apology.

Basically Bunting tried a joke based on sex and Cuming is now outraged. She’s using this incident to fight for women who are being sexualised everyday in the workplace, and has inspired a slew of other female journos to speak up, so props to her.

It’s a totally awkward situation and we are now going to focus on how powerful Twitter is.

Just a little blue bird… so powerful.


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