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A pig got kicked off a flight for being … well … a pig!

Holidays are rapidly approaching and it’s always nice to remember all the madness that ensues during this hectic season.

Today we’ll reminisce about that time an 80-pound pig was taken off a US Airways flight for being a bit “disruptive”.

Strangely, this episode of US airline mayhem did not involve United Airlines killing giant bunnies or beating up their passengers.

This story doesn’t have a super happy ending, but it’s not grim either. We promise.

Back in November 2014, US Airways passenger Robert Phelps saw a woman coming down the aisle of the plane, and at first glance he thought she has carrying a “really big dog” or maybe a stuffed animal of some kind.

It was the day before Thanksgiving, and Phelps along with the other 200 or so passengers onboard were eagerly waiting to take off from Connecticut’s Bradley International Airport for Washington.

Then Phelps took another look and realised what he was seeing. The woman was carrying a huge, brown 80 pound brown PIG.

“Everybody was trying to surmise what it could be, because no one thought it was a pig,” Phelps told CNN at the time. “Other than a Fellini movie, where would you see a person with a pig?”

US Airways spokesperson Laura Masvidal said the woman was allowed to bring the animal on board as “emotional support” a provision apparently stipulated under Department of Transportation guidelines.

But just like that uncle that can’t fly without a couple of drinks in him, the unusual passenger just couldn’t behave himself.

The chubby companion went absolutely bonkers, running up and down the aisle dropping things, howling in desperation and, as you can guess, ending his descent into madness by taking a dump on the floor.

“She was talking to it like a person, saying it was being a jerk,” Phelps recalled. “I have no problems with babies, but this pig was letting out a howl.

“I understand dogs and cats on planes. They come in crates, but this was way too big, and it had no container, it looked heavy. It was not a tiny, cute little pig.”

According to the US Department of Transportation animals can emotionally assist passengers with disabilities, as long as they qualify as service animals and the traveler provides supporting documentation from a mental health professional.

It’s not clear if the woman had any mental health disability or whether she provided the required documentation. Only thing for sure was that everybody in that plane was a bit late for Thanksgiving dinner, and that the stank in that plane must’ve been anything but good.


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