This bookshelf you can climb is something all bookworms would love

Be still, my book-loving heart.

In this age of e-books, some avid readers argue that traditional physical books have actually grown in appeal, and more so if you have a collection of several hundred or more. To their point, when’s the last time you saw someone show off their Kindle collection?

Now, of course, not everyone has the space for a vault of literary treasures. If anything, this limitation is what keeps the size of many collections in check. That exact thought likely crossed the minds of the Shinsuke Fujii Architects as they came up with the brilliant solution of this bookshelf house in Yokohama – a testament to Japanese minimalism, inspired by a love for reading.

Did you expect anything less from the folks who came up with their own word for book-hoarding?

As you can see in the photos, the design is a bookworm’s dream come true. The bookshelf is laid out in a simple grid-like form, with inviting furniture pieces around the room, and plenty of natural light coming in through large windows.

The shelf is slightly inclined on purpose, with the levels generous in width to emulate a staircase. You won’t need a library ladder to reach the top shelves, just climb onto your collection! The diagonal wall also keeps the books in place, as Japan remains notorious for its frequent earthquakes.

For more photos of the property, including the cool little kitchen inside, click here.