Featured Image for Trump sinks to bizarre new low in utterly BONKERS Twitter meltdown

Trump sinks to bizarre new low in utterly BONKERS Twitter meltdown

Even by his own bizarre standards, this is a new low.

U.S. President Donald Trump has doubled tripled quadrupled down on crazy.

On Thursday morning, Trump took to Twitter to spew bile that incited hatred against Muslims, called for a boycott of CNN, celebrated a news anchor getting fired and suggested another one might have murdered someone.

Is your head spinning yet? Let’s take these one at a time.

Trump kicked off his mad morning by retweeting a bunch of links from Britain First, a UK-based far right and ultranationalist party.

We now know for a fact at least one of these videos is fake.

Unsurprisingly, Britain First are extremely anti-immigration and the content included a Muslim migrant beating up a boy on crutches (nope, the offender was Dutch), a man smashing a Virgin Mary statue and a mob pushing someone off a roof.

Although 33.3 per cent of this content is definitely not real, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that we’re missing the point.

““I think you’re focusing on the wrong thing,” she said. “The threat is real and that’s what the President is talking about, is the need for national security, the need for military spending and those are very real things; there’s nothing fake about that.”

Bravo, that’s the best thing we’ve heard since Kellyanne Conway came up with “alternative facts”.

Notable figures in UK politics and commentators have been quick to condemn Trump’s retweeting of material clearly designed to instigated hate and fear monger.

Barack Obama has even come out and sai the president “is not well.”

Trump was only warming up at this point. He continued by launching an attack against his favourite punching bag CNN and then celebrating the firing of Matt Lauer from NBC.

Trump loves a good conspiracy theory and he decided to cap it all off by suggesting that MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough could have been involved in a murder.

What Trump calls an “unsolved mystery” is quite solved. While it is true that an aide to Scarborough died in his office, The Guardian reports that the medical examiner found the aide died from heart problems and a blow to head caused by falling.

Scariest of all was the tweet that followed all of this insanity.

Trump ended his morning session by reminding us that he is going to “handle” North Korea.

This isn’t going to end well.

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