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That pilot who drew a penis in the sky, it’s not the first time that’s happened

On Thursday, residents of Washington state looked up at the sky and saw something that clearly didn’t belong there: a giant penis.

As it turns out, the massive rendering of male genitalia was sketched in smoke by a passing Navy EA-18G Growler operating out of the nearby Whidbey Island Naval Air Station.

Images of the phallic shape quickly went viral on social media, with many users expressing their amusement and admiration for the daring sky writing. The US Navy, however, was not as impressed, saying it was “absolutely unacceptable.”

“We will not tolerate this behavior,” said Lt. Cmdr. Leslie Hubbell, a Navy spokeswoman. “This is not indicative of the overall population of our folks.”

The crew involved has since been grounded and is awaiting further investigation.

In 2014, a similar image appeared over Scotland after a Royal Air Force jet left smoke trails resembling a penis. The RAF, however, said it was purely coincidental as the pilot was circling in a holding pattern while waiting to land.

Also in the same year, the commander of the US Navy’s premiere flight demonstration squadron, the Blue Angels, was relieved of his post amid misconduct allegations.

Among his many bizarre and juvenile acts were encouraging his pilots to share nude photos of their girlfriends, forcing new hires to wear ‘foam penis’ hats, and allowing a blue and gold schlong to be painted on the roof of their training facility in California. It was so huge that it could be seen from Google Maps.

“The investigation concluded that [Capt. Gregory] McWherter witnessed, condoned, and encouraged behavior that, while juvenile and sophomoric in the beginning, ultimately and in the aggregate, became destructive, toxic, and hostile,” the Navy said in a statement.

The US Navy

The fate of the service members in the most recent incident remains to be seen. But if they’re found of sexually harassing someone in the same squadron, the pilots face formal counseling, negative fitness reports, administrative punishment, or worst of all, court martial and separation from the service.

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