Featured Image for Newcastle’s 30 year old giant phallus is sadly, about to hit the flop

Newcastle’s 30 year old giant phallus is sadly, about to hit the flop

Newcastle council has just voted on the demolition of one of the city’s most iconic towers. It’s a sad day for sexual humour.

Queen’s Wharf Tower, commonly known as: The Giant Cock, phallic symbol, or Dick Tower was an icon that NO ONE could miss, as it soared into the sky on Newcastle’s foreshore. It was a family favourite where children could climb and parents could crack lewd jokes. Unfortunately, Newcastle Council can no longer foster the tower.

The council’s interim chief executive officer, Jeremy Bath says the tower is a shameful structure.

He spoke to The Sydney Morning Herald and had some pretty harsh things to say: “There really is no other way to describe the Queen’s Wharf Tower other than as an embarrassment to the city.”

Mr Bath continued with some personal reasoning on the situation…”I look forward to not having to answer the inevitable question of ‘why’ from guests and visitors when they first see the tower. Unsurprisingly, there aren’t many cities around the world that have placed a 30-metre-high phallic symbol in their most prominent public space.”

Bath even described the tower as Newy’s “most complained about” structure. While Newcastle Herald columnist Paul Scott has said that the tower is no more “than a public urinal”.

Although, there were a few other contributing factors to Queen’s Wharf Tower’s conviction to death row, such as an impending maintenance bill of $1.6 million for the coming 4 years, as well as the lack of a disabled access.

The tower will stay erect for six more months so residents and tourists can catch a glimpse of the dick in the skyline, or even climb its 180 stairs and check out the incredible view.

Via The Sydney Morning Herald

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