Behold! The payphone of the future has arrived in the Perth CBD

In the first major update since 1987, the next generation re-imagining of the old-school phone booth has arrived.

Twelve new digital phone booths were unveiled in Perth’s CBD on Tuesday, with a national rollout of 1800 booths planned for five Aussie cities over the next two years.

The new booths have wifi, USB charging docks and touchscreens which display information like public transport timetables. The stations will also include multilingual and disability services.


The payphones include 72-inch digital advertising panels, which will display a series of ads on rotation. Telstra last upgraded part of its payphone network in 2014, converting some of its payphones into wifi hotspots.

The telco currently holds a 20-year, $3 billion contract to provide payphones until 2032.