We spoke to the cheeky Aussie legend who snuck into the ARIA’s dressed as Meg Mac

In case you haven’t heard about operation Winterfell yet, Triple J’s breakfast duo Ben and Liam took it upon themselves to get a few lucky music fans into the Aria awards without actually getting them tickets.

So how did they get them in? They managed to find three people who looked like famous Australian musicians, and marched them straight down the red carpet. The three lucky Aussies they found were Aaron, Julia, and Brendan, the likeness of Kevin Parker from Tame Impala, Meg Mac, and Peking Duk’s Adam Hyde, respectively.

*Watch Meg Mac’s doppelganger completely bluff her way through a red carpet interview in the player above*

Limo hangs on the way to the ARIA's with Meg Mac, Kevin Parker and Adam from Peking Duk ?

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All three of the doppelgangers managed to make it straight down the red carpet, signing autographs for fans and hoodwinking reporters and photographers alike. Several major Australian publications couldn’t even tell the difference, publishing photos of the lookalikes instead of the actual celebrities!

Adam Hyde was especially confused when he ran into his double right there at the event. He shared one of the best face-swaps of all time.

The doppelganger receiving the most attention, though, was best female artist nominee Meg Mac. We managed to catch up with Meg Mac Julia Rayment to ask about her night as an Aria award nominee.

How did you come across operation Winterfell, and what were the weeks leading up like?

“My sister actually called me up to tell me about it and I sent in a picture which was obviously very convincing! I spent a lot of time on phones to triple j producers leading up to it.”

Talk us through the day, what did you do in the lead up to the Arias?

“Well, I woke up early to travel into Sydney from the Hunter Valley, had a big feed, then got ready at my sister’s house. I met Ben and Liam, and the other imposters at Triple J and we made our way to the star for pre-Arias drinks. There was a lot of standing around awkwardly and getting audio grabs for the radio show. The red carpet was hilarious and definitely an unforgettable experience. I’ve never said ‘let me check with my publicist’ so many times!”

What sort of security were you met with throughout the day?

“Security for the carpet was very easy. We had a bit more trouble once we actually entered, but we were able to fool them enough to make it in! They definitely did their job well though.”

Did you have any close calls, or did anyone call you out as an imposter?

“Some people cottoned on pretty quickly, but I was surprised at how many people I was able to fool! I might try to get into other events now!”

What was the highlight of the whole ordeal?

“The whole thing was pretty mind-blowing, but I think the sheer number of people I fooled was a highlight…. and getting into after parties. Living the life of a musician for one night only…. pretty big highlight.”

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