LAEM Sessions: Comp the Unknown play the Lost At E Minor rooftop

When ex-Bluejuice frontman, Jake Stone, rolls out a new band, you wanna know about it.

Enter Comp the Unknown, a Sydney four-piece that melds the quirk and funk of Gorillaz with the laid-back pop vibes of early Stone Roses, but somehow manages to make it all sound totally unique in the process.

Says Jake: “The band is like Gorillaz in the sense that we’ve all come from other groups, Dan from Art vs Science, me from my previous band, and Matt and Mason from Matrick Jones. And we’ve all gotten together to write around some wonderful instrumentals from Matt. We just want to make music that is relevant now, with a nod to the past, that you can dance to and has some emotional depth.”

We invited Jake and his bandmates onto the Lost At E Minor office rooftop recently to perform two songs courtesy of our friends at UE Boom, who provided the killer audio required to do the intricate live sound of this band justice. Check out their epic track, Flat Planet, above.

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