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This girl needed some ice for her dad-joke burn

Earlier this year, a meteorologist in Atlanta turned into a hero on social media after he shared an hysterical text message exchange with his 18-year-old daughter.

Back in January, Chris Holcomb, chief meteorologist at WXIA-TV in Atlanta, was reporting about an incoming snowstorm in the area.

The experienced weatherman said at the time that he felt “really good” about his predictions after studying various computer models and doing his own calculations to pinpoint the extent of the storm.

“I showed the computer models with the scenarios, and narrowed down my own ‘hand drawn’ map of accumulation totals,” he continued. “I was specific about when it would move in, when it would move out and how much snow each area would get.”

After the broadcast, his millennial daughter Claire wanted to warn him via text that her trusty weather app did not quite share Holcomb’s forecast.

“The weather app says it’s not gonna snow,” she texted him.

Holcomb said of his immediate reaction, “I just rolled my eyes and replied with ‘thanks.'”

But, in an epic revindication of dad humour all across the globe, he didn’t stop there.

“Maybe your weather app will pay for your college.”

Jeez, the savageness…

Of course, the epic roast was shared to oblivion, with more than 155,000 likes and almost 50,000 retweets.

And it looks that Claire got some ice from the sky to heal that mighty burn, because her dad was right all along and that evening there was did snow. (Not just as much as Mr. ruthless predicted, but shhh, let’s not spoil the moment.)

The Atlanta meteorologist told the press that it’s not the first time lovely Claire has challenged her dad’s predictions based on a weather app, in what’s turned into a running joke in the family.

Dad’s zing was particularly on point, as Claire is finishing her senior year of high school, and college has been “a big topic in our household while she is narrowing her choices.”

What makes the whole episode even funnier is that other meteorologists closed ranks around Holcomb to support him on social media.

Will Stafford from ABC13 News:

Jim Cantore, certified broadcast meteorologist:

Shel Winkley, Chief Meteorologist for KBTX News:

Chris Smith, meteorologist for WAAY 31:

“The fact that the chief meteorologist at the NBC affiliate at a top 10 market has a daughter consulting her iPhone app for weather information is pretty ironic,” said Holcomb to Buzzfeed.


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