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Trump owns himself again

Hillary Clinton. Kim Jong Un. Rosie O’Donnell. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

U.S President Donald Trump has clashed with a lot of great enemies, but he is currently doing battle with the toughest of all: himself.

Yup, it’s now Trump vs Trump as the president seems to believe that the infamous Access Hollywood tape – which he has already apologised for – might not be real.

Are you calling yourself a liar, sir?

Just hours after the “grab em by the p@#$% tape” was released, Trump released a statement apologising for his actions and said it was all “locker room talk.”

But now it seems that Trump isn’t so sure that reality is real.

In a New York Times piece on Trump’s support of embattled Republican Roy Moore, it was revealed that Trump had told a senator earlier this year that the tape was “not authentic”, a claim that he repeated to an advisor more recently.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Trump is cooking up a fresh conspiracy theory, as, after all, conspiracy is a huge part of his origin story.

Trump’s rise to political fame was on the misguided claim that former president Barack Obama wasn’t born in America. Trump sent his “best people” to Hawaii to find the “real” birth certificate. They weren’t and they didn’t.

Trump also suggested that Ted Cruz’s father might have been at the JFK assassination and that Obama (a recurring theme) wiretapped him. You have to hand it to the guy, he has a great imagination. It’s YUGE, amazing, the best, really.

To be clear, Trump has zero evidence that the Access Hollywood tape has been doctored.

He isn’t an audio forensics expert, he was on that bus, that does sound like him and he did apologize.

But hey, why let something as boring as “facts” get in the way of beliefs? At this point, we may have to face the fact that Trump is getting worse.