This teen made a music video for her single ‘Beautiful Scar’, and you gotta see it

Unlike most of her peers, 15-year-old Autumn Allen isn’t just busy with schoolwork. She’s also busy establishing a successful singing career.

Allen started her music career while she was living abroad in Cambodia at the age of eight. She eventually caught the public’s attention with her smooth vocals and heartfelt lyrics, appearing on open mic events and TV shows.

Now, she’s moving up with a new music video for a track called Beautiful Scar. Allen described her new release in an email with Lost At E Minor:

Beautiful Scar is a music video about how an emotional scar can turn out to be beautiful,” she said.

“The music video opens with me being in emotional pain, walking through the street of Los Angeles and ends with me on top of a mountain after the scar has healed.”

In our interview with Autumn, she talks more about Beautiful Scar, as well as her fast-rising career.

Talk us through the creative process behind writing and recording Beautiful Scar.

“Beautiful Scar is a collaboration between Brite Ma and his team at Future Music L.A. and my team. Originally, Brite Ma contacted me after he heard about me through the media to work on a song call Walk to Remember which is going to be on my debut EP.

“After we recorded Walk to Remember, Brite Ma had me listen to the beat that his team has put together for a new song. I like the beat and that’s how Beautiful Scar came about.

“We recorded Beautiful Scar at Brite Ma’s home studio in Los Angeles. The producers of the song were ADN and Smash Hitta whom is part of Brite Ma’s team. In the final version, we brought in another producer Deep Watters. He has worked with a member of The Pussycat Dolls.

“On the music video, I have been very fortunate. My dad who has been a huge supporter since I began singing at eight years old contacted Lee Cherry, who is a veteran music video director. He has worked with many talents including Megan Trainor, Fifth Harmony, Selena Gomez, and many others.

“We told Lee what we wanted in the music video and he delivered. Since it was our first music video, Lee walked us through the entire process. It was a great experience and I am hoping to shoot another video with him again. It is definitely Lee Cherry’s team of experts and his genius that made the music video so amazing.”

How does your Cambodian heritage play into your musical outlook?

“I have a very open mind when it comes to music. I grew up listening to literally everything from Led Zeppelin, to Italian opera and even Cambodian music.

“I have performed live in multiple languages and done an Italian opera performance when I was 12 years old with my first vocal coach Ryu Kiyong who is an opera singer.

“Musically, I think the doors are wide open.”

What tools do you use to create/record your music?

“I can tell you that I am an artist and not a recording engineer. In all of my recordings, I worked closely with the producers and the recording engineers.

“On my last two recordings for my debut EP, I worked with producer DJ De Neve and recording engineer Tyler Wirtziller in Orange County, California.

“In the near future, I want to get back in the studio and work with Deep Watters and his team that put the finishing touch on Beautiful Scar.”

170,000 views already on YouTube for Beautiful Scar. How have you gotten the word out and what do you need to happen in order to take your music to the next level?

“I have great fans and they have been doing the promoting for me, mostly through social media.

“I think if you combined all the different social media Beautiful Scar music video has been posted on, I might be closer to two million hits.

“For example, Voice of America did an interview with me and posted the music video after the interview. Their YouTube and Facebook sites got 370,000 combined hits for the interview and music video.

“I am an independent artist. With that being said, I think a deal with a major record label in the would definitely help boost my career.”

Are you doing music full time now?

“I would like to do music full time but currently I am still going to school. Hopefully, in the near future, I will be able to accomplish that.”

Who are the musicians that inspire you today?

“My favorite artist right now is Lana Del Ray. She has been a real inspiration for me. I feel like I really can connect with her music. I hope to meet her someday and maybe even open for one of her concerts.”

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