Man removing a massive hornet’s nest is the stuff of nightmares

In Patterson, Louisiana, professional bee remover Jude Verret was called to get rid of a hornet’s nest that’s the size of a… small refrigerator.

Footage of the harrowing bug removal shows Verret being swarmed by thousands of southern yellow jackets as he approaches their massive nest – or what he referred to as “the granddaddy of hornet’s nests.”

If you turn up your volume, you can even hear the deafening buzzing of the colony, as well as the rain-like sounds they make whenever they hit the GoPro.

Luckily for Verret, his suit kept him from getting stung. He was eventually able to clear the nest in about 45 minutes.

According to National Geographic, hornets are indeed deadly – with a series of attacks in China in 2013, for instance, leaving 42 dead and many others injured. But let’s not vilify them completely. They often end up on the losing side when their homes are taken away from them, such as in the video above.

“Hornets are an important part of the ecosystem, pollinating plants and serving as predators for other insects, including flies and bees,” wrote NatGeo.

“In some areas, such as Germany, they are protected by federal law to preserve this role.”