Featured Image for This artwork is a sad reminder of EVERYTHING we’ve lost this year

This artwork is a sad reminder of EVERYTHING we’ve lost this year

It’s always a sad moment when a beloved celebrity passes away and British artist Chris Barker has memorialised them in the best way possible by creating a beautiful collage.

Last year was called the worst year ever after so many amazing and loved celebrities passed away, and the 2016 edition featured the likes of David Bowie, Prince, Gene Wilder and Mohammed Ali.

It was also the year of the Panama Papers, Brexit, and Donald Trump becoming the President of the United States.

Here it is below:

But this year so far has been just as heartbreaking.

Barker told Indy100 that he had never intended on making another one for 2017, but found himself drawn to it.

“I said I would never ever do this again but then I realised I could use the meme to deliver a different message about climate change and how we need to start thinking about the lasting effect man is having upon the world.”

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, so he decided to make the poster a brilliant take on the iconic album cover.

Among the famous faces commemorated are Hugh Hefner, Adam West, Gordon Kaye, Sir Roger Moore and Chester Bennington.

In the top left of the background, looms the Mandalay Bay Hotel, which will now forever be known as the site of the Las Vegas massacre where at least 58 people lost their lives.

Also shown in the background are palm trees blown by the multiple hurricanes and tropical storms that ravaged the world in 2017.

With a month and a half let in the year, Barker may have to go back to the poster to add more. But let’s hope he doesn’t have to. We’ve already lost too many this year.

Via Indy 100