Yes, there really is a film trailer about a ghost dog planning his BFF’s wedding

Doggone it. Hollywood is really scraping the bottom of the creative barrel here.

Recently, a trailer for a film called Best Friend from Heaven was released, and it’s already made headlines for reasons both good and bad. But mostly bad.

The story, basically, is about a dog named Gabriel who gets into a fatal accident on the day of her human Tara’s wedding. Out of sheer grief, the woman cancels the wedding. It’s now up to Gabriel, who returns from heaven as a talking ghost dog, to throw Tara the best wedding ever.

So there you have it. A ghost dog wedding planner. It’s one of those movies that are so bad, they’re actually good. Think Snakes on a Plane or Sharknado – but better, because dogs!

Best Friend from Heaven comes out next year, although the exact release date has yet to be announced