Some guy accidentally got employed by Target and his Twitter feed is an emotional rollercoaster

No matter how you feel about Black Friday, I think we can all agree that the following tale is the best thing ever to have happened.

Amidst the mayhem at shopping centres, online mega-sales and frantic deal-snatching, one dude embarked on a journey of epic proportions.

The guy in question is known only as Jeff, or more specifically, “Jeff from Target“. This absolute legend strolled into a Target in Texas wearing khakis and a red T-shirt – and was mistakenly identified as an employee.

Like any normal person would while enjoying time off from their real job, Jeff followed the orders of his new manager and promptly got to work. He documented the experience in a hilarious string of Tweets.

Buckle up, because it’s one wild ride.

He even signed off with an important message for Target:

Alright, we admit that in the current age there’s at least a small chance he made it all up, but we choose to believe it’s true. Besides, if he’s full of it, we still applaud him for such excellent storytelling skills.

Jeff became particularly popular among retail workers who lived through the nightmare that is working on Black Friday. Some Twitter users even responded with their own similar experiences – apparently, this isn’t the first time someone has accidentally been employed by Target.

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