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Brilliant parents turn their kid’s graffiti into a masterpiece

When her six-year-old child left a drawing on her home’s wall, Kim Massicotte didn’t get mad, instead, she got creative.

The mum-of-two from Toronto was recently finishing packing lunches with her husband Eric while their two boys ate breakfast. Without them noticing, the two kids started doing ‘graffiti’ on one of their walls.

Kim recalled: “Our eldest, our artist, took a green marker that he was using at the breakfast table and he decided he was going to teach his little brother and used our wall like a chalkboard and proceeded to teach his little how to draw a house on our wall.”

But rather than reprimand them, she thought of a better alternative. While the two children were in school, Kim brought out some craft supplies and turned the doodle into a masterpiece, making it appear like a painting in a museum!

An artist statement

It even comes complete with an artwork label and titled the piece, Interrupted House. The label also has the artist’s medium of choice – marker on latex paint – and the caption, “Gifted to his parents, by surprise. Nov. 13th.”

“I was doing this to amuse my husband,” Kim said. “Instead of being mad about it, I thought maybe he and I can have a little fun with it. I thought it was really cute and this was something that later on we would laugh about.”

As for the two young artists? Kim showed them the ‘exhibit’ and kindly told him that no more wall drawing were allowed.

One of the boys responded: “I prefer paper anyway.”

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