The certified bonkers Mofo festival is saying goodbye to Mona in the most epic way imaginable

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No plans in January? Good. Busy? Cancel everything. Three-day festival passes are now available for the final ever Mofo at Mona, a festival quite literally unlike ANY OTHER IN THE WORLD! That’s right. It’s off the charts unique. And here’s why.

Mona (Museum of Old and New Art) is the largest private collection of art in Australia. But it’s not just any museum. It’s visually stunning, and since it opened in January 2011, it has been directly credited with making Hobart one of Lonely Planet’s top ten cities in the world.

Its owner and founder, David Walsh, made his fortune in gambling and founded Mona’s precursor, the Moorilla Museum of Antiquities, in 1999, which has grown to the Mona as its known today.

He’s like the Willy Wonka of the art world.

David Walsh

The man himself. David Walsh at Mona (Image: Mona)

Sadly, though, this is the last time the festival will be at Mona. Yes, yes, we feel the pain too. It really is the end of the era, so they’ve decided to go out with a bang.

And BANG it is, with this year’s event featuring international acts of the calibre of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Féminam Brian Jackson, Mayhem, and others.

But wait, that’s not all.

The festival, which runs between January 12-22, 2018, is set on the site of a world-class winery and (massive bonus here) also has its own brewery.

Truly, this is paradise on earth.

It’s the perfect excuse for a weekend getaway to Tassie.

To help make that choice a little easier, you can now purchase a three day festival pass for the weekend’s festivities on the 19th, 20th and 21st of January, with pricing as follows:

  • Adult: $179.00
  • Concession: $139.00
  • Tasmanian Adult: $160.00
  • Tasmanian Concession: $125.00

If you’re from Tassie, your discount ends Tuesday, November 28. So book quickly.

The Mofo at Mona team have also announced that three day festival pass holders will also get 10% off tickets to the late-night Faux Mo (lineup announced Tuesday 28 December) and Violent Femmes with the TSO. On top of that, you’ll get exclusive access to Mona’s new Pharos wing, which includes four major works by James Turrell.

Aside from all the amazing music and arts to be soaked up, there’ll be beanbags, vineyards, great food, drink – need we continue?

Mofo at Mona outdoor stage schedule

Main Stage
3.00pm – Fémina 4.00pm
4.45pm – Moor Mother feat Rasheedah Phillips
6.45pm – Jamila Woods
8.45pm – Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Turrell Stage
4.00pm – Blaise Garza & John Sparrow
5.45pm – The Daemons of Dissent
7.45pm – Breadwoman

Main Stage
1.00pm – Military Position
2.30pm – Rahim Alhaj & Karim Wasfi
4.15pm – Emel Mathlouthi
6.15pm – Brian Jackson & the Southern Gospel Choir
8.45pm – Filastine & Nova

Turrell Stage
1.30pm – Fémina
3.30pm – Gordon Gano
5.15pm – Ajak Kwai
7.45pm – Evil Goat

Main Stage
1.00pm – Black Rock Band
2.45pm – Hobart Liberation Orchestra feat Petra Haden
4.45pm – Kardajala Kirridarra
6.45pm – Genesis Breyer P-Orridge with Edley O’Dowd
8.30pm – Mayhem

Turrell Stage
1.30pm – Hobart + Music = Yeah: Re/cognition
4.00pm – Ajak Kwai
5.30pm – Chakam Ensemble
7.45pm – Emel Mathlouthi

While there, you can also experience the incredible vibes of ‘Frank Zappa in the Organ Room’, or brave the Moorilla winery for what the organisers are dubbing an ‘experimental group brain-gasm therapy’. Count us in.

And of course, there’ll be so much more to enjoy.

This final Mofo at Mona is going to be ELECTRIC. So kickstart your 2018 at this inspiring event and get your three day festival pass now!