An absolutely kickass Malcolm Young mural just appeared in Melbs

A mural of AC/DC’s Malcolm Young has appeared in Melbourne’s ACDC Lane following the news that the rock legend has passed away.

The mural was painted by Australian artist Lushsux, who has painted murals of memes, celebrities and political figures all over the world.

“C’mon Saint Peter how many bloody times you gonna make me play hell’s bells before you let me through the gate,” the depiction of Young says in the mural.

“Hells Bells” is one of the band’s most famous songs and appeared on their landmark album Back in Black (1980).

Young and his brother Angus founded AC/DC in 1973 and released their first album, High Voltage in 1975.

Back in Black has sold an estimated 50 million units worldwide and is the second-highest-selling album by any artist. Michael Jackson’s Thriller is number one with an estimated 66 million units.

Young developed dementia three years ago and passed away on Saturday, November 18.

Young was the rhythm guitarist, backing vocalist and a principal songwriter for AC/DC and is credited with coming up with many of the band’s legendary riffs. Other tributes have been flowing in from notable rockers:

ACDC Lane was formerly named Corporation Lane but was officially renamed on October 1, 2004 after a unanimous vote by Melbourne City Council.

Speaking of naming things, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is currently the laughing stock of the country after reportedly failing to name a single AC/DC song while appearing on Triple M radio.

That’s just plain un-Australian, mate.