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Way too many people think this ‘new’ photo proves the Apollo moon landing was faked

Ever since man first walked on the moon on July 20, 1969, conspiracy theorists have been out in full force to disprove it.

Despite the endless amounts of evidence, they continue to claim that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were not first men to set foot on the lunar surface, and that no one after them has stepped foot on it either.

Thanks to Youtube user, Streetcap1, this theory has surfaced once again, this time focusing on the last Apollo 17 moon landing, claiming that it was staged.

The video above shows a picture that was allegedly taken in December 1972, named  “Reflection in a Visor.” Streetcap1 claims that there is a reflection of a stagehand on the helmet of one of the astronauts.

Streetcap1 points out, 21 seconds into the video, of what a person believed was someone not wearing a spacesuit, stating, “I thought it looked a bit strange, so I took a picture of it using my software.”

He added that, “you can see some sort of, it looks like a man, back in the early 70s, long hair, wearing some sort of waistcoat-type thing… and a shadow of that figure presumably.”

But, we’re not convinced. And it seems that Twitter users aren’t convinced by the discovery either.

As for comments on the Youtube video, users appear split, with many saying that the object he has pointed out is indeed an astronaut wearing a spacesuit.

Others, however, sided with Streetcap1, with one commenter writing, “omg goodness. Congratulations Streetcap1. Making world news. Amazing find xx.”

Whilst no one will ever know for sure whether the moon landing actually happened, it sure is entertaining to see what wacky theories these conspiracy theorists come up with.

We have to give it to them, some do seem somewhat legible, but this one just looks like a blurry astronaut.

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