This disturbing praying mantis sex ritual is the stuff of nightmares

Now that’s what you call stamina!

YouTube channel ‘Deep Look’ has posted a shocking video of a male praying mantis continuing to mate with its partner even after its head is bitten off.

At the 3:30 mark, the female mantis can be seen devouring the male’s head. However, instead of dropping dead, the remaining carcass still mounts her and delivers the sperm that will fertilise her eggs.

According to the narrator, the nerves in the mantis’ abdomen made it possible for the insect to continue reproducing, despite lacking a noggin.

The strange mating ritual is called ‘sexual cannibalism’, and the females do this either due to adaptive foraging, over-aggression, rejection, or mistaken identity.

Whew, glad we humans don’t have sex like them praying mantis. I’d like to get my mind blown in bed, but I’d like to keep my head afterwards, thank you.

Via Gizmodo

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